Han Fan the casual Code of shirts the tide ride five Note

Early spring wardrobe and ultimately, a shirt of his beloved, popular in Europe and the United States wind from time to time some bored walking routes in Asia, South Korea MM still many girl learning object reveals a delicate dress simple little mind, shirts they are more wild weapon the shirt casual match of this season, pay attention to what?


White shirt: the wild do not necessarily Cookin ‘Oh!

White shirt and tie in a simple single product, Slim denim, lengthen the leg curve, a lot of it tall! The warm yellow windbreaker Casual with echoing up and down the fish head boots and motorcycle handbags, sunglasses spring essential pull Wind weapon Oh!


Color shirt: gorgeous, ensure the match not to be too fancy!

Hyun gold red eye really shiny glasses feel free to keep them coming back!! The Black Slim pantyhose black and white stitching retro shoes, pay attention to socks Oh! Shirt echoes, the overall bright but definitely neat! Pretty!


Retro print shirts: the charm of the ancient with careful control!

Retro bluster, sustained Biao awkward, printing patterns also need to be careful color of the outfit bar the crimson high waist skirt in dark blue floral shirt, belong to a dark color with a green suit to mention bright, clever collision oh!
Classic Plaid: Plaid small Plaid, Plaid numerous outfit need to be cautious!

The lazy casual dress is a favorite of Korean girl, smoke gray Tee Slim jeans, needless to say, must be significantly lean fish mouth thick heel fashionable degrees deepened, and purple checkered shirt sweet overall! Attention to hair band Oh! Hepburn retro there!


Tannin shirt: single product selection with, you must pay attention to the tannins which Blue!

Stripe Long Tee smoke gray denim trousers, handsome Casual joined the black metal buckle motorcycle boots in sexy greatly increased, a light blue tannin shirt, classic join, mix and match like a handbag! Sunglasses can choose a fluorescence collision overall!


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